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A Range of Packing Services in Lewisham, London

Packing your life into boxes can be a time-consuming and exhausting experience. This is why a lot of clients choose our packing services at Location 2 Location removals in Lewisham, London. To ensure as little disruption as possible, pack a day or two before your move.

We provide all packing and label each box clearly; our price is £80 for every 10 boxes packed. We specialise in the packing of kitchenware as well as paintings, mirrors, and ornaments. We know that your belongings are invaluable to you regardless of cost, and therefore take the time to guarantee no damage is caused. Any packing carried out by us is fully covered by our insurance for your peace of mind.

To us, packing is important, and we have strict packing procedures to ensure that our packing is efficient and organised.

A Stress-Free Move

All of your items are organised the day before the move to avoid the inconvenience of leaving the property in a mess. With our packing service, you receive all of the required materials to ensure a swift and smooth moving process. The basic price for every 10 large packed boxes is £80 and each package can have a sticky label. We use high-quality:

Boxes • Tape • Bubble Wrap • Wrapping Paper • Labels • Wardrobe Boxes

Safe and Secure Packing

Fragile items can be difficult to pack on your own. Regardless of cost, we understand that your belongings are valuable to you, so we take the time to ensure that no damage is caused. There is a method to packing properly and our staff use this, especially with fragile:

Kitchenware • Glassware • Ornaments • Pictures • Mirrors • Lamps

Packing Your TV

As part of our efficient packing service, our professionals make custom boxes for your TV. We understand that your TV is an expensive item and needs to be treated with care. With our customised boxes, you receive peace of mind that the TV is safe and secure during transit. We bubble wrap your TV before placing it in its own customised box for the perfect fit and then sheet wrapping it for extra protection.

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